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3rd European Conference on Pharmaceutics in Bologna, Italy

We are happy to announce that ColVisTec will join the upcoming 3rd European Conference on Pharmaceutics. The Conference is set to take place on March 25-26, 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

With a motto which emphasizes the link between scientific research and pharmaceutical industrial applications, the Conference will host numerous scientists and experts from various parts of the world.

The event will, therefore, be a perfect opportunity for specialists to present their work, discuss the latest findings and breakthroughs, network, and share experiences.

To facilitate this, numerous presentations will be organized during the Conference, covering a range of topics. These include manufacturing equipment and technology, advances in oral drug delivery, nanomedicine, and many more. Another notable subject will focus on new and rising technologies used during the manufacturing process.

It is here that ColVisTec will contribute with its industry-leading inline UV-Vis, NIR, Raman spectroscopy. We have a long-standing connection with the pharmaceutical production, and our technology has seen plenty of use in this area.

Our inline solutions aim to provide unparalleled levels of accuracy and process control. The spectroscopy devices we develop can provide real-time measurements of production output. This creates a manufacturing environment capable of answering the challenges that come with Industry 4.0 demands.

Our dedication to providing cutting-edge spectroscopy systems is in perfect alignment with the goals of the Conference, and we are delighted to be a part of such a remarkable event. The invited speakers come from notable academic institutions (such as the Universities of Cambridge, Milano, Ghent, etc.) and companies (Johnson & Johnson to name but one), and we look forward to hearing their views.

We are excited to share our findings, and we invite anyone interested to join us.

Event Profile

Name: 3rd European Conference on Pharmaceutics
Subject: The latest discoveries regarding the research, development, and manufacture in the area of pharmaceutics
Date: March 25–26, 2019
Program: https://bit.ly/2MXn5RY​
Location: Bologna Congressi, Piazza della Costituzione 4/a, 40128 Bologna, Italy