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ColVisTec’s spectroscopy systems are designed and built with Industry 4.0 in mind. In process data can be fed instantaneously via OPC Unified Architecture into any data infrastructure or pre-existing model. Analyse and visualise real-time data directly in your preferred multivariate statistical analysis tool, QC / process verification software, dashboard, or machine learning engine.
We have also developed our own bespoke software tools for continuous manufacturing and extrusion, see below.

Inline Process Monitoring Software


CVTtrend is our inbuilt inline process monitoring software that transforms raw, whole-spectrum transmission or reflection data into easy to interpret colour values in the CIE-L*a*b* 3D color space. Automatically detect and quantify the smallest variations in the color properties of your materials in real time.


     Residence (dwell) time destribution analysis software


ReTA stands for Residence Time Analysis and has been developed for the rapid detection of residence time distribution with immediate inline analysis capability. For R&D and in production, ReTA enables efficient characterization of the key process parameters in any extruder, for example the optimal screw configuration, speed and throughput window. Define your process, understand its variability, transfer and scale it easily with the help of ReTA.

Inline spectra visualization and analysis software


SpecViewer is a tool designed to display and navigate sequences of spectra in an intuitive way, presenting both overview and key details graphically and assisting analysis by offering common transformations that emphasize relations between spectra. The human-visible color associated with each spectrum is directly visualized by presenting the spectral curve in that color. Inline process monitoring generates millions of datapoints and thousands of sequential spectra. Explore and visualise them easily with SpecViewer.


     Offline data visualization and analysis software


It is important and very helpful to detect many measurement data. This subsequently requires efficient, comprehensible and fast processing and presentation of the data for the resulting conclusions.
Mining and analysing large quantities of spectral data can provide valuable insights for any process. However, this requires expert data handling and intuitive visualisation tools. RedLog offers a range of functions for comprehensive data analysis, with fast processing and straightforward data representation, allowing you to quickly observe trends and draw conclusions. RedLog can reduce very large quantities of current or historical data into easy-to-follow graphics or animation sequences. Track changes over time in the 3D CIE-L*a*b* color space and monitor statistical distribution of color values (via histogram) in quick and easy report format.