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Corporate Day by the European Innovation Council at Solvay in Brussels, Belgium

The renowned chemicals and advanced materials company Solvay is going to host a business acceleration event for companies funded by the European Innovation Council pilot. The event will take place at the Solvay Campus in Brussels, Belgium on October 16, 2018.

Following an exhaustive selection process, ColVisTec has been selected to participate as one of just 22 enterprises which received this prestigious invitation.

The business acceleration gathering is aimed at SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) which strive to push the boundaries in the field of additive manufacturing of polymers and related lightweight materials. This gives us an excellent opportunity to spend an amazing day showcasing our industry-leading work in the field of process control via in-line UV-Vis spectroscopy.

“Solvay is a true global leader in the manufacturing of plastic and chemical materials. We believe our solutions are aligned with their products and hope to establish a potential partnership which will expand our business.’’ — Jan H. Johnsen, Founder & CEO of ColVisTec

The technology we develop is recognized for the large role it can play in ensuring inline and real-time process control for the pharmaceutical, polymer, chemical, and coatings production using spectroscopy systems designed to operate in and survive demanding manufacturing environments, requiring minimal re-calibration and giving a very high degree of accuracy. This provides true product characterization that is an essential building block for an advanced digitized manufacturing plant.

As a result, we earned a spot in the group devoted to Industry 4.0, the trend of automation and data exchange flourishing across all branches of manufacturing.

This event will provide ColVisTec with a remarkable chance to engage in one-to-one meetings with managers from Solvay, venture capital investors and representatives from other large enterprises.

Event Profile

Name: Corporate Day at Solvay
Subject: Innovations in the manufacturing of polymers and other lightweight materials
Date: October 16, 2018
Program: https://bit.ly/2Ekotg1
Location: Rue de Ransbeek 310, B-1120 Building: R, Brussels, Belgium