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Extrusion Technology in Food Processing at ZDS in Solingen, Germany

We are proud to announce that ColVisTec’s Director of Sales, Marketing, and Customization Fuat Eker will be one of the lecturers at the upcoming seminar “Extrusion Technology in Food Processing.” This three-day seminar will be held at the ZDS – Central College of the German Confectionery Industry in Solingen, Germany, from May 28 to 30, 2018.

The primary objective of the seminar is to provide an extensive theoretical and practical introduction to extrusion processes and techniques. As such, the classes will focus on the possible applications and functionalities of a variety of extruders. The participants will also have an opportunity to see practical demonstrations of these applications.

Some of the main topics of the “Extrusion Technology in Food Processing” seminar include:

Extrusion processes, systems, and applications
Twin-screw extruders, turbo-extruders, and planetary roller extrusion
Changes in the process parameters and their impact on the final product
Raw materials intended for use in extruded products

This seminar is aimed at newcomers to the topic, as well as professionals working in production, quality assurance, product development, marketing, sales, and the supply chain industry.

Over the course of the three-day seminar, some of the country’s leading industry experts will give lectures on several topics related to extrusion and the food processing industry. The lecturers are:

Dr. Jürgen Volk, ILU – Institute for Food and Environmental Research
Linda Munz, Bühler AG
Fuat Eker, ColVisTec AG
Heinz-Josef Schaaf and Andreas Rupp, Schaaf Technologie GmbH
Thomas Malzahn, ENTEX GmbH
Thomas Pruter, Emsland Stärke GmbH

ColVisTec’s Fuat Eker will give a 45-minute lecture titled “Inline Process Monitoring with the UV-VIS Technology in Continuous and Batch Processes Like Extrusion and Mixing Applications” on Monday, May 28, 2018, at 14:45.

Fuat Eker, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Customization at ColVisTec

For more than 25 years, Fuat Eker has been active in the field of spectroscopy systems and solutions. At the start of his career, he worked for a leading German company that provided online solutions for the general lighting and automotive industry. He was the head of a Berlin-based company involved in research and development, manufacturing, and active sales organization. Eker has been in his current position with ColVisTec since the company first launched.

Event Profile

Name: Extrusion Technology in Food Processing at ZDS
Subject: Extrusion Processes, Systems, and Application
Date: May 28-30, 2018
Program: https://bit.ly/2ISbJ21
Location: ZDS – Central College of the German Confectionery Industry, De-Leuw-Straße 3-9, 42653 Solingen, Germany