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The 2017 SKZ Qualitätssicherung Kunststoff in Wurzburg, Germany

ColVisTec is proud to announce its upcoming participation in the 2017 SKZ Qualitätssicherung Kunststoff event, which is scheduled to take place between November 29–30, 2017.

Over the course of two days, the event will host six plenary lectures, alongside four workshops and four parallel sessions. Each of the lectures will have synchronized 30-minute runtimes. This will allow visitors to switch between lectures at will so that they won’t miss a thing.

ColVisTec will hold its session on the second day of the event. Scheduled for 12:30 PM, the session will offer visitors the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in the field of inline process monitoring. In particular, the session will focus on extrusion using spectrophotometry technology and automated dwell times measurement techniques.

On a broader scale, the event will examine quality controls in the current century. The subject of Industry 4.0 will be high on the agenda, with a particular focus on how organizations in different locations can communicate with one another to ensure the creation of quality products.

Visitors can expect the latest issues in the quality sector to be tackled, in particular, during sessions such as the “Challenges and Solutions from Digitization”, which will examine how small and medium-sized business can put big data to good use. Other sessions will explain how to adapt to the industry’s ongoing digital transformation and will look forward to where the quality sector is likely to be in the future.

Event Profile

Name: The 2017 SKZ Qualitätssicherung Kunststoff
Subject: Quality in the 21st Century
Date: November 29–30, 2017
Program: http://bit.ly/2xykpB3
Location: Festung Marienberg, 97082 Wurzburg, Germany