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VDI Wissensforum Extrusion Technology for Industry 4.0 in Cologne, Germany

ColVisTec would like to announce its participation in the VDI Wissensforum Extrusion Technology for Industry 4.0 event, which will take place between June 21–22, 2017. The event will examine several issues related to the film extrusion and packaging industries, with ColVisTec contributing to the circle of experts with whom attendees will be able to discuss their experiences in the industry.

The event will examine several issues, including big data usage in the packaging industry, efficient use of resources, inspection technologies, and the use of color monitoring with polymer melts.

Attendees will include extrusion line manufacturers, raw material producers, extrusion process engineers, and a range of extrusion technology professionals. Participants will have the chance to hear several keynote speeches, including a presentation from ColVisTec’s Ph.D. Andreas Berghaus.

Andreas Berghaus, Director of Engineering & Technology at ColVisTec

Andreas obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe, the Technical University of Berlin and received an MSc in Physics from the Free University of Berlin in Germany. He spent his career working on semiconductor instrumentation in San Francisco and electron optical instrumentation in New York. His career spans over 13+ years of working for reputable companies across the globe. Now, he works on the application of spectroscopy for inline measurement in industrial processes in Berlin.

Applications for Color Monitoring of Polymer Melts

List of Experts:
Dr. Philipp Hupka, Head of Business Development Extrusion at Windmöller & Hölscher KG
Dr. Frank Westad, Chief Scientific Officer at CAMO Software
Costas Bekas, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM Research
Amaia Bastero, Europe Customer Technical Support Center Leader at The Dow Chemical Company
Harry Prunk, Board Member at SIKORA

Prof. Markus Thommes of the University of Dortmund and Dr. Peter Sandkühler of Dow Europe GmbH.

Event Profile

Name: VDI Wissensforum Extrusion Technology for Industry 4.0
Subject: Extrusion Technology in 2017
Date: June 21–22, 2017
Program: http://bit.ly/2y8z2wE
Location: Lindner Hotel City Plaza, Magnusstr. 20, 50672, Cologne, Germany