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Process Engineering School by KraussMaffei

ColVisTec is happy to be part of the New Process Engineering School at KraussMaffei. We will give a lecture on the subject of inline process monitoring using spectroscopic methods.


  • Understand compounding processes on twin-screw extruders.
  • Grasp the design of a twin-screw extruder in a material-specific context.
  • Recognize opportunities for process optimization and identify sources of error.
  • Apply materials science approaches to formulation and process engineering.
  • Comprehend material testing in theory and practice, enabling well-founded assessments of product quality.


  • Machine Technology: Covering the entire process from raw material handling to granulate filling, including selection, designs, and concepts.
  • Plastics Technology: Exploring the physics and chemistry of plastics, additives and fillers, recipe formulation, and material properties.
  • Process Engineering: Delving into extruder design, establishing correlations between process and measured variables, screw design, and scale-up methodologies.

Event Profile

Name: Process Engineering School by KraussMaffei
Subject: Compounding Advanced
Date: April 17 - 19, 2024
Website: https://www.kraussmaffei.com/en/our-technologies/extrusion-technology/process-engineering-school
Location: The locations are the conference hotel and the premises of Leistritz  Extrusionstechnik GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany. The training starts in the hotel.